Hibernia Misiones

Hibernia Misiones

Hibernia Misiones

Hibernia Misiones

Hibernia Misiones

cane sugar

Biodynamic Agriculture is a corner stone of Hibernia Misiones’ agricultural strategy.

HIBERNIA MISIONES is located in the village of Santa María de Fe, 140 miles south of the capital of Paraguay. Organic since 1997 and certified Non-GMO, this sugar is extra special because it is grown under one of the highest regenerative standards, using biodynamic practices, and certified by Demeter International.

Since its inception in 1988, first as an alcohol distillery and later transformed into what is now a fully equipped Organic Sugar Mill, Hibernia Misiones has always had a tremendous impact on its local community. Hibernia Misiones employs more than 290 staff directly, making the company the largest single employer in the district. All personnel have contracts and full local social security. When including families, local providers and cane growers, more than 2,000 people depend directly on the plant’s operations.

In 2019, Hibernia Misiones funded a medical facility with a doctor coming 4 days a week providing free family healthcare care

Hibernia Misiones started Biodynamic certification in 2015. Today the project includes more than 657 acres of fully certified sugar cane. The goal is to more than double that size and reach approximately 1482 acres.

Created in 2011. Has 250 Members of which 28 are women. A member of CLAC, (also a member of FairTrade international) This cooperative from the Guaira region produces 100% organic and Fair-Trade certified sugar cane

Fair Trade projects seemed a natural expansion of what had been achieved at the local level. The first project came in early 2019 with the signing of a partnership with the Cooperative “ASAGOC”, then in late 2019 came the Fair For Life Certification and by June 2020, Hibernia Misiones had received the IBD “EcoSocial” Certification.

HIBERNIA MISIONES sources organically grown sugar cane from a total of over 2,965 acres. Of this, approximately 370 acres are in the hands of some 50 farmers. Conservation of the environment is a very high priority in the local community and HIBERNIA MISIONES plays an important and complementary role in this regard, hence all of our products are 100% organic.

We provide regular technical advice and assistance through supply of certified organic seeds and compost, enable and assist local farmers to keep their farms free of contaminants, and in compliance with certified organic standards. Special emphasis has been placed on the management and rotation of crops for example, such as beans, corn, mandioc, etc. and that, combined with strategic use of specific areas for cattle breeding, means that the small farmers have increased self-sufficiency.

Our products are fully certified by CERES, from Germany, and operated according to Kosher standard rules. Our Sugars and Molasses are Organic Certified for US/Canada/EU/Japan.

Hibernia Misiones S. A.
Lourdes, Paraguay

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